Hospital to charge for parking

The Deep River and District Hospital (DRDH) will introduce paid parking this spring.

In a statement released Monday, the hospital says the goal of the move is “preserving our ability to provide exceptional care.”

“The implementation of parking fees is intended to support operations and capital needs of the health campus and to provide funding to maintain the parking lot.

“With inflation and an aging and growing population, parts of the system, especially hospitals, will continue to face pressure to do more with less.”

The hospital said base operating funding for Ontario’s hospitals has been lower than inflation for more than four years and that, like many other hospitals, it is “struggling to balance our books.”

“Like most hospitals in the region, Deep River and District Hospital will implement paid parking as a means of generating revenue rather than ‘cutting services’,” the hospital said.

Janet Gow, board chair, said that “Arriving at the decision to introduce paid parking was not easy.”

“The board’s decision to introduce paid parking helps to ensure long-term viability for the organization.”

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