Local inventor takes place on “Discovery Way”

by Vance Gutzman

Local inventor Wendy Murphy is helping the Ontario Science Centre (OSC) celebrate 150 years of Canadian Science.

And Murphy couldn’t be more thrilled with the company she’s keeping.

The OSC is marking the sesquicentennial anniversary of Confederation with a new installation recognizing Canadian innovation.

The installation is called “Canada 150: Discovery Way,” and affords visitors the opportunity to learn about notable Canadian scientific discoveries and inventions, from the far reaches of space to common household items, and the trailblazers behind them.

Murphy’s WEEVAC 6 stretcher is on that acclaimed list, along with Moses Nadler, inventor of the Wonderbra, Theodore Witt, who invented the caulking gun, Thomas F. Ryan, the man behind five-pin bowling, Herbert McCool, who came up with a cool idea in terms of Easy-Off Oven Cleaner, and the Mi’kmaq people who were the inventors behind the toboggan.

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