Committee backs police survey

by Vance Gutzman

Deep River’s protection and safety committee is moving ahead with a recommendation that town council undertake a “comprehensive community engagement process” – including a community survey by electronic voting – in regards to the future of police services in the municipality. 

As reported in last week’s NRT, the committee was to have discussed that recommendation at its regularly scheduled meeting on April 4.

A technical glitch, however, prevented the agenda for that meeting from being posted to the town’s website.

The meeting was subsequently rescheduled to this past Monday evening, April 10, in order to allow for sufficient public notice.

Several Deep River residents did indeed take notice of the meeting – among them Larry Dumoulin, who appeared as a delegation before the committee expressing his dismay that the costing proposal the town received from the Ontario Provincial Police back in January was even still on the table.

“Many residents were of the general impression there were no definitive cost savings to be had by pursuing an OPP contract,” Dumoulin said as part of a lengthy submission to the committee Monday evening.

“In fact, the OPP presentation provided unequivocal evidence of a a substantial cost increase to taxpayers in the initial three years of the contract, and virtually no commitment for the fourth year and beyond.

“On its face, the OPP proposal doesn’t seem particularly attractive to many residents. Many of us really believed the issue should have died then.”

> for the full story, pick up a copy of the April 12 North Renfrew Times…