Science exhibit celebrates Nobel research

by Vance Gutzman

Deep River’s town hall has been transformed into a giant science exhibit in honour of Dr. Art McDonald, a former researcher at Chalk River Laboratories who was named the co-winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics. 

“New Eyes on the Universe,” produced by Science North on behalf of the Sudbury Neutrino Laboratory (SNOLAB), is an interactive exhibit which tells the story of how experiments both past and present at SNOLAB are providing new insights and pushing the frontiers of particle astrophysics.

McDonald shared the Nobel Prize for his work at SNOLAB which led to the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which show that neutrinos have mass.

The exhibit is being presented by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, and will be on display at the town hall until May 16.

Mark Lesinksi, president and chief executive officer of CNL, said during the exhibit’s unveiling on Thursday that the company “jumped at the opportunity” to bring it to Deep River.

“It’s some great work that’s indicative of what CNL can do and has done in the past,” Lesinski said, in reference to the fact McDonald began his illustrious career at Chalk River as a postdoctoral fellow back in 1969.

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