Editorial: 150 years in stereo

Can you feel it building? Not quite yet? But almost? Well, you better get prepared for the big celebration coming up in just a few short weeks. It is a wonderful time to be a Canadian and we all get to celebrate living in this wonderful country in a kind of stereo setting on July 1 this year. I mean stereo because on July 1 we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of both our province and country. Yes – that’s right, a big shindig to celebrate the birth of Ontario and Canada.

It will be a swell time to be living and celebrating at planned formal events in most of North Renfrew. In fact, many of us have already been celebrating our country’s 150th anniversary by attending various events from concerts to displaying a Deep River Library Arts Committee maple leaf. And there are still tons of fun and interesting ways to celebrate the Canada/Ontario 150th anniversary! Check out the Deep River 150 Celebrations Facebook page for details. Heck, you can also go onto the United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria homecoming page and have a gander at all of the activities they are planning from June 30 – July 3.

There are many family and group parties and celebrations yet to be held at area houses of worship, sports clubs/organizations, work places and businesses. And many are going to be held throughout the entire year.

Show your patriotism and fly a Canadian and Ontario Flag from your front porch or on your front lawn. Organize a neighbourhood BBQ and get to know your neighbours a wee bit better. Set up a fun game of softball at the local school diamond or go for a family walk on a local trail or enjoy a quiet paddle on a nearby river or lake.

We live in the best darn (geo-political) country on the planet! Make the effort to plan some unique way on July 1, Canada Day, to pause your busy schedule and spend some time reflecting with family and friends on how lucky, blessed, and fortunate we are to call this locale our home. Whether you are new to Canada, your family has been here several generations, you are a member of one of the first nations of Turtle Island or just visiting, we have myriad things to celebrate.

While we have much dialogue and a great deal of understanding to tuck under our belts yet regarding our very diverse society, you have to acknowledge that we live in a peaceful area here in North Renfrew, with a quality of life second to none. And that is worth celebrating! O, Canada!