Rocky start to police plan

by Vance Gutzman

The launch of Deep River’s police service consultation plan got off to a tumultuous start last week. 

Councillor Megan Aikens and Mayor Joan Lougheed were scheduled to deliver a verbal report on the plan during a special council meeting last Tuesday night.

But even before that could happen, Councillor Bob McLaren introduced a motion suggesting they do otherwise.

McLaren’s motion suggested that “any and all reports brought to council for information and/or adoption must be submitted in written form as part of the council agenda package to ensure we are creating an appropriate record of all events leading to the conclusion of this process.”

“To receive a verbal report is inappropriate,” McLaren said at the council table.

“To have a paper trail of what is said and done is very important.”

McLaren’s motion, however, met with opposition from his council colleagues.

“We don’t record verbatim on any of the issues we deal with,” Reeve Glen Doncaster argued.

“What would make this any different than any other issue with? We don’t record verbatim.”

Councillor Jason McAuley concurred.

“There’s nothing we’ve discussed that hasn’t been documented,” he said in opposition to McLaren’s motion.

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