Police association speaks out

The Deep River Police Association is speaking out on the town’s electronic survey on the future of its police services.

In a statement issued Friday afternoon, the association says it is “extremely disappointed” at the way in which the town has presented its survey question. 

“Throughout the town hall meetings, many residents in attendance pointed out legitimate discrepancies regarding the numbers provided in the graphs that were uploaded on the town’s website several weeks ago,” the association says.

“In these examples, substantial revenues generated by the Deep River Police were not taken into account. The response received when questioning these graphs is that they are projections and could very well fluctuate.

“Despite the legitimate concerns, these same inaccurate graphs appeared at the bottom of the Survey Question. Why? This is nothing more than an attempt to influence the survey by providing those Deep River residents who were not able to attend the meetings and follow the process, with inaccurate information to sway the popular vote.”

Voting in the town’s survey opened Wednesday morning and continues until 8 pm next Wednesday, June 28.

Deep River council will hold a special meeting following the end of the survey to receive the results.

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