Letter: Disappointed in turnout

I was disappointed with the low voter turnout for the police survey. However, I would hope that the mayor and council will not translate this into “60 per cent don’t care whether we have the DRPD or OPP.”

I believe that, due to the fact that we were told that this was only a tool, and that the mayor and council are the ones who will make the decision, and as it appeared that the majority of council supported the OPP, many decided it wouldn’t make any difference and so didn’t bother to vote.

Please note that of those who did, two-thirds favoured keeping the DRPD (Deep River Police department).

I would ask that no decision be made until more thought has gone into the process, that questions that have been posed to council and not yet answered be answered, and that some effort be put into the possibility of having a community police service including our neighbours.

I am sure the OPP will still be around after this has been accomplished.

Also, the following is directed to the individual who anonymously distributed the “Mid-Term Council Report.”

Everyone has a right to their opinion but I believe that they should also be prepared to attach their name to this opinion and be prepared to support it and answer questions about it.

For example, it references only two individuals and lists some occurrences which took place either before the current council or several that council had no responsibility for or influence over.

This seems to be somewhat of a “witch hunt.”

This is my opinion and my name is Claire Watts.

Claire Watts