County designates trail “multi-use”

by Terry Myers

Renfrew County residents hoping for a quiet nature experience on the new Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail may be in for a disappointment.

Accepting a recommendation from the county’s development and property committee, Renfrew County’s mayors and reeves have agreed that the trail be officially designated as “multi-use.”

The definition of “multi-use” includes “all methods of self-propelled transportation, as well as horseback riding, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and side-by-sides.”

If municipalities don’t want that motorized traffic running through their community on the trail – the former Canadian Pacific rail line – it will be up to them to propose “bypass and/or twinning solutions… that they are prepared to support and fund.”

Committee chair, Petawawa Mayor Bob Sweet, said the move “enables the county to move forward with the creation of a management plan and also allows the local municipalities to explore options for use in their jurisdiction.”

County Warden, Bonnechere Valley Mayor Jennifer Murphy, also welcomed the decision.

“This is a great milestone to see sections of the Algonquin Trail being open for the public to enjoy this fall,” she said.

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