Fire hall not covered 24/7

by Vance Gutzman

Deep River’s firefighters have issued a “public safety advisory” to the town’s residents.

The Deep River Professional Fire Fighters Association (DRPFFA) has taken out a full page ad in this week’s NRT, contending that the municipality has “slashed front-line fire protection.”

“Now there are fewer fire fighters on duty to protect your home and your family,” the advertisement states in part.

“Sometimes there are no fire fighters on duty in Deep River at all!”

The wording of the ad stems from recent developments in terms of staffing issues with the town’s fire service.

Fire Chief Rob Shaw, in a bi-weekly report to the NRT, states that, during its recent extended arbitration process, the town had hired temporary contract firefighters to back-fill for members of the fire service on extended sick leave and retirements.

Two of those contracts expired last Thursday, July 6, and Chief Shaw states there is no intent to hire new personnel at this time.

“Town council is currently reviewing the future of the Deep River Fire Department now that arbitration has concluded,” Chief Shaw states.

> for more on this story, pick up a copy of the July 12 North Renfrew Times