Town backs forestry fight

by Terry Myers

The town of Laurentian Hills is lending its support to Renfrew County’s fight to preserve logging in Algonquin Park. 

Laurentian Hills council recently passed a motion endorsing a letter from County Warden Jennifer Murphy to Premier Kathleen Wynne.

In her letter, Murphy notes that the county was “disappointed to learn” of a recent campaign by the Wilderness Committee, a BC-based group, calling for an end to forestry in the park.

Murphy said the campaign resulted in over 3.500 “form-style petitions” delivered to the provincial government in support of the Wilderness Committee’s cause.

Murphy said that in light of the “false allegations” brought forward by the campaign, the county would like to “take the opportunity to highlight the excellence in sustainable forest management of the park, as well as the contributions forestry in the park makes to our local communities.”

“To suggest, as Wilderness Committee has, that forestry is a ‘destructive industry’ demonstrates a serious lack of understanding of the rigorous and science-based processes required in Ontario’s forest management process,” Murphy said.

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