Bridge project moving forward

by Denise Walker

Laurentian Hills council wrapped up 2017 at its December meeting.

Councillors took the opportunity to get a head start on 2018, and to tie up some loose ends.

Among the items dealt with, the long running saga of a bridge across McConnell Creek looks like it is coming to an end.

Council approved the payment of $8,339 to the MAADI company.

The MAADI group is based in Quebec and in partnership with Alcoa Canada, designs, engineers and manufactures aluminum bridges.

The payment is the deposit for the manufacture of the bridge that should be installed in 2018.

The bridge story spanned several councils and over 10 years as a group of supporters urged councillors to replace a wooden bridge over the creek.

The bridge had been built by local residents but was subsequently stolen.

Local volunteers put in temporary boards while a lasting municipal solution was discussed.

Mayor Reinwald told council he was “very pleased.”

“The bridge is being made possible by a combination of municipal funding, private funding and volunteer labour. It’s a really good group effort. I’m glad to see it taking place.”

Reinwald said later that, although he was in favour of a bridge, he could not the support the $30,000 plus price tag.

“I was against the cost, but I’ve been won over by the efforts of the community. They have raised funds and got volunteer help with equipment and labour. It feels as if we all have ownership of the project,” he said.