New dates set for June, July

by Vance Gutzman

There doesn’t appear to be a quick end in sight to the arbitration hearings between the town of Deep River and the Deep River Professional Fire Fighters Association (DRPFFA).

The hearings adjourned in December, with the expectation that they would resume early in the new year.

It turns out the hearings won’t actually resume until next summer.

Two days of hearings have been scheduled for June 21-22 here in town, and further dates have been set afterwards for July 11-12 and again on September 24.

The hearings themselves are a continuation of the process that started back in October, dealing with a list of grievances filed by the DRPFFA against the municipality.

Included in the list of grievances were “failure to maintain (the) existing complement of nine firefighters” following several recent retirements, the “termination” of three probationary firefighters, and the “alteration” of Deep River firefighters’ hours of work from 24-hour coverage to day shifts.

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