Nuclear heritage group moves into new home

by Vance Gutzman

A local group’s plan to preserve and present Canada’s nuclear heritage has taken a huge leap off the drawing board on its way to reality.

Members of the Society of the Preservation of Canada’s Nuclear Heritage (SPCNHI) are, in fact, in the process of moving into their new digs.

It was just this past fall that the SPCNHI’s immediate goals were to stop the loss of important artifacts and documents, and create an online virtual museum.

Since then, the group has finalized a two-year lease with AECL, for the nominal sum of $1 a year, for use of the former Children’s Junction Daycare building on Poplar Street in Deep River to develop and store its collection.

nuclear museum 7c

“It’s really quite broad,” says SPCNHI president Michael Stephens of that collection, while taking the NRT on a tour of the fledgling museum, along with fellow SPCNHI members Jim Ungrin and Don Barrington.

The SPCNHI members are now assembling the many and varied artifacts which people have accumulated for them over the course of the last year or so.

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