Letter: Daily bread for the food bank

I usually decline business-sponsored charity such as CHEO donations at the LCBO, as I prefer my charitable donations to be just that, mine. I have, however, made an exception, in a way.

I have signed up for one of those $25 Loblaw cards, since I have indeed purchased at least one of the specified brands of price-fixed bread many times at a not-to-be named Loblaw affiliate in a not-to-be-named small Ontario town.

I intend to donate said card to the local food bank if and when I receive it.

I encourage all eligible persons to do the same. The cards do not have a spend deadline, and can therefore be used by food bank personnel appropriately as required by current needs.

The tech-savvy can simply go to <loblawcard.ca> and fill in a short online registration form (after satisfying themselves that the privacy policy is up to snuff).

“Phone age” folks can call 1-855-465-8881 (toll free) and have a paper registration form snail-mailed to them.

Completed registration forms must be received by May 8, 2018 in order to be eligible.

Unfortunately, this is not a sure thing (see above “if and when” qualifier). The website claims that “Loblaw reserves the right to limit the total number of cards that will be issued under the Loblaw Card program.”

I’m not sure where Loblaw will draw the line, nor how much legal clout this disclaimer packs. Time will tell.

Mike Thompson