Council releases CNL fire services agreement

by Vance Gutzman

Deep River’s fire service continues to be a hot-button topic, with another local resident appearing as a delegation before town council last week to express concerns over the service’s response times.

John Watts, who uses a motorized wheelchair to get around, said he, his wife and elderly mother moved into town from Laurentian Hills in 2015, in order to be closer to services and facilities.

“My mother is 95 and I am much less mobile, being in this chair all the time,” Watts told council.

“I am not comfortable knowing that 65 per cent of the time, the response from the fire department is in excess of 30 minutes.”

Prior to the town’s decision last summer to move its remaining fire fighters to weekday shifts, Watts went on to say, the fire service could provide two fire fighters to an emergency scene in less than five minutes.

He added hat between 75 and 80 per cent of most calls for service are manageable with two firefighters.

“Our fire service performs a significant number of emergency and other services well beyond structure fires,” Watt told council.

“Prior to your decision they were able to do so with great speed and efficiency. Today that response is simply not feasible.”

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