Deep River puts wraps on 2017 budget

by Vance Gutzman

Municipal budget deliberations which began last fall and dragged on throughout the winter finally wrapped up on the second day of spring.

Deep River council gave formal approval to its 2018 operating budget, as well as its water and sewer budgets last week.

But approval of the operating budget was anything but a formality, with Councillor Ron Desrochers making the argument that the 1.5 per cent tax increase the budget contains should be dropped down to zero.

“The budget is addressing our reserve requirements,” Desrochers said.

The grand total of all the town’s reserves, general and restricted, currently sits at just over $2.56 million.

According to a report presented to the town’s finance and administration committee earlier this month by treasurer Nadeem Dean, the 2018 operating budget calls for a transfer to reserves in the amount of $247,704, with that figure including an estimated surplus for this year of $125,904.

Councillor Bob McLaren seconded Desrochers’ proposal to amend the budget to a zero per cent tax increase.

“I believe we have lots of money in reserves,” McLaren said.

“We don’t need to keep increasing the reserves on the backs of the taxpayers.”

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