Report rejects conflict claims

by Vance Gutzman

Heated emotions around the use of the former CP rail bed have led to accusations and allegations in the townships of Head, Clara and Maria (HCM).

But an integrity commissioner’s report has found little of substance in terms of code of conduct violations levelled by Councillor Ernie Villeneuve against three other members of municipal council.

Township council released the integrity commissioner’s report last week.

The subjects of Villeneuve’s complaints were Mayor Bob Reid and Councillors Cathy McKay and Calvin Chartrand.

In their report on the matter, the legal firm Cunningham Swan found that both Reid and McKay did not breach council’s code of conduct.

It also found that, while Chartrand did have a conflict of interest under the code of conduct, it recommended that no sanctions be imposed upon him as a result.

“It is readily apparent that the issue of the rail bed has divided the council and created a negative atmosphere,” the report states.

“Polarizing issues arise in municipal politics and it is incumbent on members of council to vote their conscience and attempt to represent the people that elected them.

“Councillors cannot lose sight of the fact that they act on behalf of others who have no vote.”

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