CNL invites proposals to build new reactor

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) has taken another step forward in its search for the next generation of nuclear reactors.

CNL announced last week that it has issued an invitation to small modular reactor (SMR) project proponents to participate in an evaluation process for the construction and operation of an SMR demonstration project at “a CNL-managed site.”

The company said the invitation represents the launch of CNL’s SMR review process, including the pre-qualification stage.

The process will allow CNL to evaluate technical and business merits of proposed designs, assess the financial viability of the projects, and review the necessary national security and integrity requirements.

CNL said the invitation will remain open, with rounds of intake periods expected to occur semi-annually.

Applications received by May 28, 2018 will be assessed in the first round.

All projects would be subject to regulatory processes and requirements.

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