Fire hall not covered 24/7

by Vance Gutzman

Deep River’s firefighters have issued a “public safety advisory” to the town’s residents.

The Deep River Professional Fire Fighters Association (DRPFFA) has taken out a full page ad in this week’s NRT, contending that the municipality has “slashed front-line fire protection.” Continue reading

Voters back Deep River Police

by Vance Gutzman

The results are in.

A large majority of the people who took part in a survey on the future of policing in town have voted in favour of retaining the Deep River Police Service (DRPS), rather than entering into negotiations with the Ontario Provincial Police to provide policing in town. Continue reading

Mackenzie says farewell to Class of 2017

by Terry Myers

The Class of 2017 is leaving Mackenzie this year with an amazing gift at its fingertips, a gift unknown to their grandparents “in the same way that future possibilities are unknown to us all now.”

How they will use that gift, and how they will allow it to shape their future, are questions only the grads themselves can answer. Continue reading

Town loses arbitration appeal

by Vance Gutzman

Marvis Frazier lasted just 30 seconds in the ring with Mike Tyson before being knocked to the floor with a thunderous right in the former heavyweight champion’s quickest fight of all time.

Deep River went a few more rounds (four months and six days, to be exact) but still left the ring bloodied, bruised and battered at the hands of an arbitration board last week. Continue reading